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Interlux Micron CSC Antifouling Bottom Paint

Interlux Micron CSC Antifouling Bottom Paint
INT Y5583/1 Black - GL
INT Y5583/3 Black - 3GL
INT Y5580/1 Blue - GL
INT Y5580/3 Blue - 3GL
INT Y5586/1 Dark Blue - GL


Micron CSC is an great multi-season ablative bottom paint with a copper-copolymer formula that provides controlled release of antifouling biocides at the paint surface.

The longevity of the coating depends on the amount of paint applied. CSC retains its effectiveness even when the boat is removed from the water for extended periods (winter storage, for example). To reactivate come springtime, use a stiff brush or powerwash lightly. Suitable for sailboats and power boats.

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