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Interlux Pacifica Plus Antifouling Bottom Paint

Interlux Pacifica Plus Antifouling Bottom Paint
INT YBB263/1 Black - GL 
INT YBB263/QT Black - QT
INT YBB260/1 Blue - GL


Interlux Pacifica Plus is a copper-free, environmentally friendly bottom paint with proven growth fighting power. This dual biocide antifouling paint combines Biolux slime blocker and Econea, a metal-free antifouling agent that blocks the growth of shell fouling barnacles, zebra mussels and other aquatic organisms.

The Econea paint film erodes over time to continually expose fresh antifouling agent. This biodegradable degradation won't harm the environment and lessens paint buildup for easy overcoating next season. Additionally, since Econea is not metal based, it can be used on and around underwater metals such as aluminum hulls, outdrives and running gear with less potential for galvanic corrosion.

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