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AES One Size Fits All Spray Socks

AES 141 One Size Fits All Spray Socks | Blackburn Marine Painting Supplies & Accessories
AES 00141


AES Industries Refinishing Supplies

Used by painters everywhere. These soft spray socks protect hair and face annoying over-spray. Covers as much or as little as desired. Inexpensive and disposable. Bleached cotton material is virtually lint free. Keep an adequate supply on hand.
  • 12 pc / box
  • 12 boxes / case
  • One Size Fits All Spray Socks
  • Protects hair, face and neck from that annoying over spray
  • 3-way stretch material can be positioned to expose eyes, eyes and nose, or eyes, nose and mouth
  • Comfortable and breathable 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Single Spray Sock
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