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Whale Water Systems Fittings Equal Elbow (15mm)

Whale Water Systems Equal Elbow (15mm) | Blackburn Marine

Whale Water Systems Equal Elbow Connector

"Quick Connect" equal elbow fitting for the Whale Water Systems 15mm tubing. These fittings offer many benefits, all ensuring a high integrity plumbing system:
  • Unique `Double Gripper' provides secure lifelong tube retention even at excessive pressures
  • Collet has internal support ring ensuring o-ring seal is held in position and does not distort or leak under pressure
  • The innovative, tube supporting, `cage collet' design eliminates leaks where fittings are close to tight bends
  • High integrity single piece molding improves the reliability and strength of fittings
  • Outer sleeve incorporates collet cover, thus preventing accidental tube release
  • No collet clips are used thus the Whale system reduces costs, speeds up installation time and ensures complete installation every time
  • Fittings made from glass-filled polypropylene
  • Maximum hot water temp at 150 degrees F./65 C.
  • Maximum cold water temp at 68 degrees F./20 C.
  • Maximum hot water pressure at 90 PSI
  • Maximum cold water pressure at 180 PSI
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