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Whale Supersub 1100 Automatic Bilge Pump

Whale Supersub 1100 Automatic Bilge Pump | Blackburn Marine Bilge Pumps

WHL SS1212

Whale Supersub Smart Low Profile Automatic Bilge Pump
Narrow Low Profile Electric Bilge Pump

The narrow low profile automatic compact bilge pump range.
Supersub Family - Narrow, Low profile bilge pump fits deep down in small/awkward bilge spaces where other pumps won't fit.

  • Low narrow design for confined bilge spaces
  • Easy installation - outlet and pump body rotate to suit your installation
  • High performance - Flow up to 1100 US gals per hour
  • Efficient operation - Very low power consumption
  • Low profile strainer - Leaves the bilge almost dry
  • Easy to clean- snap fit assembly
  • Easy to clean – unique clever strainer design
  • Easy to clean – easy to remove and replace for cleaning
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