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Spinlock USA XTS Clutch

Spinlock USA XTS Clutch | Blackburn Marine
SPIN XTS0814/1: XTS Single Clutch
SPIN XTS0814/2: XTS Double Clutch
SPIN XTS0814/3: XTS Triple Clutch


Clutches are specified as standard on production yachts worldwide and the choice of racing yachts inshore and offshore.

  • Mid to higher load rope holding
  • Reliable all around performance
  • Choose XTS0610 for best performance on smaller diameter lines
  • Choose XTS0814 for best performance across the rope range
  • Ceramic Coated CAM and Base available for consistent holding & performance with modern performance lines
  • Extruded alloy handle with soft end grip
  • Secure handle locking in open and closed position
  • Easy access to fasteners
  • Handle labels supplied
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