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Scandvik Sprayer Pull-Out Combo

Scandvik Pull-Out Combo Sprayer | Blackburn Marine
SCAN 46011P

Standard Family Pull-Out Combo Sprayer

With adjustable aerator (shower spray or faucet flow) and built-in conservation valve.

The built-in water conservation valve on the sprayer handle helps to reduce water usage. To use, turn on the water and set temperature. Activate the water conservation valve while lathering. The water pressure is reduced to a dribble allowing the temperature to remain constant and drastically reducing water consumption.

  • White handle 5' with white nylon hose. 
  • Chrome plated brass body
  • plastic handle with a chromed plastic nozzle and chrome plated brass elbow. 
  • Flexible supply lines with 1/2" NPS-F fittings. 1-1/2" mounting hole.
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