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Robline Dinghy Control Lines

Ronstan Dinghy Control Lines - 5mm | Blackburn Marine
ROB DC-4BLU  4mm Blue - 328' spool
ROB DC-4Y  4mm Yellow - 328' spool
ROB DC-5BLU  5mm Blue - 328' spool
ROB DC-5GRN  5mm Green - 328' spool
ROB DC-5O  5mm Orange - 328' spool
ROB DC-5R  5mm Red - 328' spool
ROB DC-6BLU  6mm Blue - 328' spool
ROB DC-6GRN  6mm Green - 328' spool
ROB DC-6O  6mm Orange - 328' spool
ROB DC-6R  6mm Red - 328' spool



Dinghy Control is an allround high tech control line that comes in various colors and diameters. This line excels due to the colored Dyneema® SK78 core which allows you to stay on top of things even in case of complex handling systems.

  • Core: Dyneema® SK78
  • Cover: polyester 16
  • Field of use: crossover
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