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MPI Series 100 | Hardwall Water Hose

MPI Series 100 1/2" Hardwall Water Hose | Blackburn Marine
 MPI 100-0126 1/2"
 MPI 100-0346 5/8"
 MPI 100-0586 3/4"
 MPI 100-0780 7/8"
 MPI 100-1006 1"
 MPI 100-1146 1-1/4"
 MPI 100-1126 1-1/2"

Hardwall Water Hose - Series 100

Premium quality marine water hose suitable for a variety of applications including engine water intake, and circulation, bilge discharge, livewell systems and other non-fuel uses. A fully embedded helical wire provides strength and flexibility. Resists heat, ozone, mild acids, bilge oils and engine water. Color coded with green strip brand.

Sold in 50' roll or by the foot.
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