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Moeller Brass Drain Tube

Moeller Brass Drain Tube | Blackburn Marine
Special alloy brass flanged 90 degrees one end, functions as a drain for the transom, motor well, live well, or baitwell. Designed for use with Moeller's Snap Tite, Turn Tite, and Trail N Bail plugs. Use brass drain tubes with brass plugs and aluminum drain tubes with aluminum plugs.

  • Designed for use with Moeller’s Snap-Tite, Turn-Tite, and trail-n-Bail Plugs.
  • Snap-Tite® / Turn -Tite® boat bailer plugs.
  • Installation requires a Drain Fitting Kit (20848-001) and flanging tool.
  • An industry benchmark for quality and durability.
  • OEM Certified.
  • Provides boaters with a lasting seal on the water.
  • Flanged 90 degrees on one end to function as a drain for the transom, motor well, live well or baitwell.
  • available in 1″ and 1-1/4 in diameters.
  • Available in Brass and Aluminum.
  • OEM Certified.
  • 1″ OD brass drain tubes to be used with Moeller drain plugs.
  • Available in 1-7/8″ to 15″ lengths to accommodate thicker transoms.

  • Item: MFG #: Out Dia.: Length:
    MOE 21003-225D  021003-225D 1" 2¼"
    MOE 21003-300D 021003-300 1" 3"
    MOE 21003-400D 021003-400 1" 4"
    MOE 21003-600D 021003-600 1" 6"
    MOE 21003-800D 021003-800 1" 8"

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