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3M™ Stikit™ Soft Hand Sanding Pad

3M™ Stikit™ Soft Hand Pad | Blackburn Marine

MMM 5530
Our 3M™ Stikit™ Soft Hand Pad is ideal for collision repair jobs requiring a light touch, such as sanding around contours and light scuff sanding. Soft but durable pad helps technicians maintain a good “feel” even for irregular surfaces, helping ensure consistent contact without cutting or finger marks. Stikit™ sheet rolls adhere firmly with no slipping or tearing and release easily to save time.

A Controlled Touch for Hand Sanding
Ideal for use with 3M™ Stikit™ Sheet Rolls, our 3M™ Stikit™ Soft Hand Pad provides a soft, controlled touch for light scuff sanding or sanding around contours. Its blend of flexible support creates an ideal balance, helping technicians to maintain a clear "feel" during auto body work such as leveling and other surface prep applications requiring a finer grit abrasive. This pad helps eliminate finger marks and edge cutting into primer and paint.
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