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3M™ Marine High Strength Repair Filler

3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler | Blackburn Marine
MMM 46012 Pint
MMM 46013 Quart
MMM 46014 Gallon


  •  Filler restores damaged fiberglass hulls and decks on boats
  •  Short strands of fiberglass reinforce strength of filler
  •  Paste consistency allows application of vertical surfaces
  •  Non-staining and non-shrinking formula
  •  3M™ Cream Hardener included

3M™ Marine High Strength Repair Filler restores damaged areas of fiberglass hulls, decks and other areas on boats. Our filler is a high performance product that is reinforced with short strands of fiberglass for added strength. Boat restoration professionals commonly use this product.

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