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Marinco Locking Plug 30A to 15A Connector

Marinco 199128 Locking Plug 30A to 15A Connector | Blackburn Marine Dock & Marine Shorepower

MAR 199128

Marinco Dockside Specialty Adapters

Dockside 30 Amp to 15 Amp Adapter with GFCI, 30 Amp Locking Plug to 15 Amp Connector

Dockside adapter that provides safer hook-up to 30A dockside power by providing protection against harmful electric shock and reducing the possibility of fire. Can also be used for other outdoor, harsh environments such as construction sites or wherever ground fault protection is desired. Note: A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) limits the duration of an electrical shock to a period considered safe for healthy people. It does not prevent electric shock. This device does not protect against electric shock due to contact with both circuit conductors or a fault in any wiring supplying this device.

  • Offers protection for up to 3 attached tools
  • Corrosion resistant and rain-proof rated for outdoor use
  • GFI trip level of 4-6 mA


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