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Loos & Co. Locoloc® Copper Stop Sleeves

Loos & Co. Locoloc® Copper Stop Sleeves | Blackburn Marine Life Line Rigging

Part # To Fit Cable Dia: 
LOOS ST2-2  1/16" 
LOOS ST2-3 3/32" 
LOOS ST2-4 1/8" 
LOOS ST2-5 5/32" 
LOOS ST2-6 3/16"

Loos & Co. Wire Rope Terminals

Locoloc® Copper Stop Sleeves

Stop sleeves are available in either in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1/32" to 3/8" inclusive. When properly applied with Locoloc® Hand Swager to bare cable on 3x7, 7x7, 7x19 and 6x19 constructions stop sleeves capable of holding only 1/3 to 1/2 of the rated breaking strength of the cable to which they are attached. 

All sizes and types are bulk packaged. Plain copper supplied unless otherwise specified. Also available in aluminum.
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