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Groco Bronze Inline Ball Valve

Groco IBV-1000 Bronze NPT 1" Inline Ball Valve | Blackburn Marine Valves & Marine Valve Accessories
GROCO IBV-250 1/4" IBV-250
GROCO IBV-375 3/8" IBV-375
GROCO IBV-500  1/2" IBV-500
GROCO IBV-750 3/4" IBV-750
GROCO IBV-1000 1" IBV-1000
GROCO IBV-1250 1-1/4" IBV-1250
GROCO IBV-1500 1-1/2" IBV-1500
GROCO IBV-2000 2" IBV-2000


Groco Seacock Ball Valves: IBV Series Inline Valve

1" NPT Bronze Inline Valve

  • Female NPT threads
  • 1ΒΌ" sizes and larger include a grease zerk fitting for lubrication (use only with the valve in the open position) or for draining
  • Patented selectable handle rotation
  • Handle has square hole to accept standard ratchet to help reach valves in hard-to-reach locations and ease actuation of difficult to operate valves
  • 400 WOG rated
  • C83600 bronze construction
  • Stainless steel handle and hardware
  • Chrome plated solid brass ball (not a hollow ball)
  • PTFE seats and seals
  • Bonding attachment
  • UL listed 15PR for fuel or water
  • Fits IBVF for seacock application
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