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Groco HTH Bronze Thru Hull

Groco TH-1000-L Bronze 1" NPS/NPT Combo Thru Hull (w/o Nut) | Blackburn Marine Thru Hulls
GROCO HTH-500 1/2" HTH-500 
GROCO HTH-625 5/8" HTH-625
GROCO HTH-750 3/4" HTH-750
GROCO HTH-1000 1" HTH-1000
GROCO HTH-1125 1-1/8" HTH-1125
GROCO HTH-1250 1-1/4" HTH-1250
GROCO HTH-1500 1-1/2" HTH-1500
GROCO HTH-2000 2" HTH-2000


Groco TH Series Thru Hulls

1" NPS NPT Combo Bronze Thru Hull (without nut)

  • NPSM/NPT combination thread
  • C83600 Bronze
  • UL Listed 647B
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