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Groco Bronze Scoop Strainers Thru-Hull

Groco APHS-2000-1 Bronze Scoop Strainer 2" Thru-Hull | Blackburn Marine Thru-Hulls
GROCO APHS-1250-1 1-1/4" APHS 1250-1 
GROCO APHS-2000-1 2" APHS 2000-1
GROCO APHS-3000-1 3" APHS 3000-1


Groco Bronze Hull Scoop Strainers

Bronze Hull Scoop Strainer with Access Door for up to 2" Thru Hull

  • Patented access door design allows easy access to Thru Hulls
  • C84400 bronze body and door
  • Cast filter slots
  • Pressure relief holes in door casting
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