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Groco O-Rings for ARG Raw Water Strainers

Groco 2-135 O-Ring ARG Series 500-750-755 | Blackburn Marine Water Strainers & Marine Water Strainer Accessories
GROCO 2-135 O-Ring for Series 500-750-755
GROCO 2-153 O-Ring for Series 500-750-755 Sight Glass
GROCO 2-228 O-Ring for Series 500-750-755 Cap
GROCO 2-229 O-Ring for Series 1000-1210-1250
GROCO 2-157 O-Ring for Series 1000-1210-1250 Sight Glass
GROCO 2-232 O-Ring for Series 1000-1210-1250 Cap
GROCO 2-234 O-Ring for Series 1500 to 3000
GROCO 2-238 O-Ring for Series 1500 to 3000 Cap

Groco O-Ring for ARG Series Raw Water Strainers

The Groco O-Ring is used to seal all joining surfaces for the Groco ARG Raw Water Strainers. For details on the ARG Series Raw Water Strainers.
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