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Ancor Female Disconnect Fully Insulated

Ancor 12-10 Female Disconnect Fully Insulated | Blackburn Marine
ANCOR 231428 12-10    3 pack
ANCOR 211428 12-10    25 pack
ANCOR 231418 16-14    4 pack
ANCOR 211418 16-14    25 pack
ANCOR 231408 22-18    4 pack
ANCOR 211408 22-18    25 pack

Ancor's Marine Grade terminals differ from automotive terminals by being designed for the harsh marine environment. Nylon insulators are easy to crimp and will not split. Barrels are designed to tightly grip the wire with the least effort. Tinned copper gives the least electrical resistance but the most corrosion protection. 0.250 (6.4 mm) tab size; nylon insulated with insulation grip; double crimp, funnel entry; UL 310
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