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Camp Side Power Bow Thruster Kits

Camp Side Power Bow Thruster Kits | Blackburn Marine Supply

Part # Size:
CAMP SM7-1180 1-15/16 x 49/64 x 17/32
CAMP SM3-1180 15/16 x 5/8
CAMP SM6-1180 1 x 13/16
CAMP SM5-1180 1-3/4 x 3/4
CAMP SM10-1180 1-5/8 x 1-3/8
CAMP SM20-1180 1-7/8 x 1-11/16
CAMP SM50-1180 2-7/8 x 2


Camp Side Power Bow Thruster Kits - Replacement Anodes/Zincs for Side Power Bow Thrusters.

Sizes fit model:

CAMP SM7-1180 - 7 HP Models (3-bladed props)

CAMP SM3-1180 - SM30S, SM40S

CAMP SM6-1180 - 4 HP (w/3-blade prop)

CAMP SM5-1180 - SM55S12,SM55S24, SM75T12, SM75T24, SM95T12,SM95T24, SM75T12-IP, SM75T24-IP, SM95T12-IP, SM95T24-IP

CAMP SM10-1180 - 10/15/20 HP (twin w/bronze props)

CAMP SM20-1180 - SM155TC, SM200TC32 , M220TC, SM285TC, composite props & SM2290HYD/U-08, SM220HYD/U-10, SM220HYD/U-11, SM220HYD/U-14, SM220HYD/U-16
SM220HYD/U-19, SM300HYD/U-10, SMD300HYD/U-11, SM300HYD/U-14, SM300HYDU-16

CAMP SM50-1180 - SM500HYD/U-37, SM550HYD/U-44, SM550HYD/U-50, SM550HYD/PRO-40, SM550HYD/PRO-60

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