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Mastervolt AGM 12/270 (group 8D)

Mastervolt AGM 12/225 (group 8D) | Blackburn Marine Supply
MV 62002700

  • 12 V
  • 270 Ah
  • 75.5 A
  • 160.9 lb (73 kg)
  • CCA to DIN 750 A
  • CCA to SAE 1200 A

In AGM 12/270 (group 8D) batteries, the electrolyte ( a mixture of water and sulfuric acid) is largely absorbed in the glass fiber. Entirely maintenance-free, no gas formation with normal use. Does not require any ventilation, can be installed anywhere. 

Construction gives a very fast discharge at very high currents so AGM batteries are ideal for systems that require high currents (for instance when starting an engine). Battery poles can be unscrewed. The battery can be combined with every standard battery terminal.

  • Excellent starter function
  • Perfect upgrade for wet lead acid batteries
  • Same initial power surge in an AGM 12/90 Ah as 180 Ah wet lead-acid battery
  • Glass fiber technology ensures low internal resistance
  • Use of thicker plates extends lifespan
  • Also for medium cyclical use
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