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Marine Fasteners Cap Nuts

Marine Fasteners Cap Nuts
CAP NUT 6-32  6-32
CAP NUT 8-32  8-32
CAP NUT 10-24  10-24
CAP NUT 10-32  10-32
CAP NUT 1/4 - 20  1/4 - 20
CAP NUT 5/16 -18  5/16 - 18
CAP NUT 3/8 - 16  3/8 - 16


304 Stainless Steel

A cap nut, also referred to as acorn nut, crown hex nut, blind nut, or dome nut , is a nut that has a domed end on one side. When used together with a threaded fastener with an external male thread, the domed end encloses the external thread, either to protect the thread or to protect nearby objects from contact with the thread. In addition, the dome gives a more finished appearance.

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