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3M™ Scotchgard™ Marine Liquid Wax

MMM 9061
MMM 9061 16.9 fl oz.
MMM 9062 33.8 fl oz.


  • Uses reactive chemistry to bond to your boat's surface for added durability
  • Formula protects against weathering that can fade and degrade surfaces
  • Maintains an exceptional gloss, especially when used with 3M boat cleaners and restorers
  • Liquid wax is easy to apply
  • Safe for use on gelcoat, fiberglass and topside paints

Scotchgard™ Marine Liquid Wax is the final step for maintaining a distinctive, protective and durable gloss for your boat. Developed to withstand the challenges of a marine environment, this wax adheres to your boat's surface for added durability to topside paint, metal, gelcoat and fiberglass. It maintains a gloss that turns heads.

A Protective Marine Wax That Bonds with Your Boat
You expect a boat wax to help make your boat look great. But our Scotchgard™ Marine Liquid Wax does so much more — rather than simply covering the surface of your boat, its formula was developed to chemically bond with the surface for protection that truly holds up in challenging marine environments. It highlights your boat's shine and maintains it by protecting against weathering from the sun, which can quickly fade colors and cause surfaces to degrade over time. This liquid wax is safe for use on nearly any marine surface. Use it for waxing gelcoats, fiberglass and topside paints.

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