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Interlux Ultra with Biolux High Copper Antifouling Paint

Interlux Ultra with Biolux High Copper Antifouling Paint
INT Y3779F/1 Black - GL
INT Y3779F/3 Black - 3GL
INT Y3669F/1 Blue - GL
INT Y3669F/3 Blue - 3GL


Interlux Ultra is a hard, epoxy-based antifouling paint designed for use in severe fouling conditions. It's strong 66% copper content and Biolux slime-fighting agent ensure excellent long-term protection against hard shell fouling, algae, and slime.

Fast-dry formula lets you paint and launch fast, usually the same day. Being a hard modified epoxy, Ultra features a durable finish with excellent color stability. High-solids formula means great coverage. Irgarol, the chemical compound behind Biolux, significantly boosts Ultra's ability to ward off slime at the waterline. Simple light scrubbing is that is required to keep your hull clean.

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