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Sea Ties Shock Cord

Sea Ties Shock Cord
   Black  Blue  Red  B&W
 1/8"  SEA 1/8-100 BK  SEA 1/8-100 BU    SEA 1/8-100 WB
 3/16"  SEA 3/16-100 BK  SEA 3/16-100 BU  SEA 3/16-100 RD  SEA 3/16-100 WB

 SEA 1/4-100 BK

 SEA 1/4-300 BK

 SEA 1/4-100 BU  SEA 1/4-100 RD

 SEA 1/4-100 WB

 SEA 1/4-300 WB

 5/16"  SEA 5/16-100 BK  SEA 5/16-100 BU  SEA 5/16-100 RD  SEA 5/16-100 WB
 3/8"  SEA 3/8-100 BK    SEA 3/8-100 RD  SEA 3/8-100 WB
 1/2"  SEA 1/2-100 BK      


This versatile, stretchable shock cord has many uses including those in boating, camping, the home, and cargo tie downs on bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, and trailers. It features a premium latex rubber core covered by a UV-resistant polyester sheath. 

Available by the foot or in full spools.

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